Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Three Ways To Increase The Number Of Brazilian Bikini Wax Customers In Your Salon

by Vincent Wallace

Despite the fact that Brazilian bikini waxes have been popular in salons for about two decades now, it can be hard to get new customers to commit to the service. Here are a few tips on how to encourage reluctant customers to bare all in order to get a Brazilian.

1.) Provide Pre-Waxing Consultation Services

Take every new customer through a skin consultation prior to their first waxing procedure, even if it is just eyebrows or their upper lip. This gives you a chance to examine your customers' skin for any potential problems and suggest the appropriate aftercare products for their skin type. In addition, it also gives you the opportunity to discuss the more delicate or intensive procedures you offer, like the underarm waxing and the Brazilian. If you approach the subject first, a customer unfamiliar with the process may feel more comfortable asking questions or scheduling a procedure. 

2.) Use Superior Waxing Products

When you order your wholesale waxing supplies, make sure that you order low-temperature, pliable waxes that will work on the shortest and finest hairs. It's also important to make sure that they contain ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil that will help soften skin and soothe the afterburn of a wax. Keep a warm pot and some application sticks handy during the initial consultation so you can dab a little wax on your client's hand. That way, she can examine the softening effect for herself while you discuss potential services.

3.) Go Into Detail About The Process

Once you've brought the topic up, don't be shy about discussing all of the things that your client may want to know but could be shy about asking. For example, tell your clients if you recommend that they take an over-the-counter painkiller, like Advil, prior to waxing. Similarly, if you recommend exfoliating the bikini area prior to waxing in order to remove dead skin and bring the smallest hairs to the surface, make sure to discuss the idea with your customer in advance. Be honest about the potential discomfort but stress the long-term benefits of waxing when it comes to feeling sexy and confident about her appearance. Have some detailed pamphlets available that you can tuck into your customer's product bags as they check out.

The more comfortable you are discussing the Brazilian bikini wax, the more comfortable your customers are likely to be. Find ways to introduce the idea to your customers gradually—start with small conversations about the additional services you offer and work your way into more detailed conversations about the Brazilian with those that show a glimmer of interest. You may have a lot more interested customers than you realize.


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