Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Fashion Trends: Sporting Facial Hair Is In For Men--How To Get Yours To Grow Faster

by Vincent Wallace

Following fashion trends is not typically something most men do. However, if you read men's magazines, you might notice a growing trend for men that has less to do with clothes and more to do with body covering of a different kind. Beards, and especially manly mustaches, are back. If you only have Shaggy's peach fuzz on your face but you want Papa Smurf's full-on beard of wisdom so that you can enjoy this trend, you may be looking for any tips or tricks to make your facial hair grow. There are several natural approaches. If you have not tried any of the following, try these first before you speak to a hair growth specialist (since he or she will want to know what you have already tried).

Beard Growth Vitamins

Do not laugh--there are vitamins that can help. Your facial hair is just like most of the hair on your body, and like most of your body hair, it requires specific vitamins to grow and stay healthy and shiny. Hair needs vitamin D, calcium, vitamin E (for healthy shine), iron (so your hair can receive enough oxygen and grow stronger and longer) and B-vitamin complex with biotin, which makes hair very strong. Most of these nutrients you can get in a multi-vitamin and from healthy food choices, but you could also take each one of these vitamins and minerals separately if you want to maximize their daily effects or you find that your stomach cannot tolerate a daily dose of any of these (e.g., iron, for example, which has been known to upset digestive processes).


The more exercise you get, the quicker hair grows. You may have noticed that you need more frequent hair cuts in the warmer months, but it actually has more to do with the fact that you are more active and producing more of your own natural testosterone during the warmer months. Ergo, if you want to encourage facial hair growth, try exercising more frequently. Even a brisk twenty-minute walk daily might help boost your testosterone enough to make your beard grow faster. Still not sure? Test this out in winter by exercising every day and watching your beard grow. Also, spend more time outdoors exercising because the sunlight (which promotes the natural production of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for hair growth) will help your facial hair grow faster.

Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

If you do not have enough testosterone, then you can take some health supplements that can motivate production of testosterone in your body. Most of these supplements are available from retailers that focus on diet and exercise supplements. If regular use of these supplements seems ineffective after a few months' use, talk to an endocrinologist who may be able to prescribe medication that will boost testosterone production. For more information on different fashion trends, contact a company like TrendCue.


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