Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

How To Plan Your Cruise Wardrobe

by Vincent Wallace

Are you going on your first cruise in the near future? If so, you are probably pondering what you should wear. From casual clothes to the selection of a wig, here are some ideas that might help.

Be Creative - You can take as many suitcases as you want to on your cruise. However, there is limited space in your stateroom, so you might want to pack light. Choose outfits that can be used for casual wear and that can be turned into an elegant outfit for a formal event. One good idea is to pack a pair of slacks that don't need ironing. During the day, wear them with a casual blouse. When you want a more elegant look, switch from casual top to a sophisticated, fancy one. As you shop for all of your clothes, select fabrics that wash well, that dry quickly, and that don't need ironing. Another idea is to purchase a skirt with an elastic top that you can wear during the day when you are going you visit one of the ports on your itinerary.  Because it has an elastic waist, it can probably also serve as a strapless evening dress. Remember that jewelry doesn't take up very much room in your suitcase. It can transform outfits from casual ones to elegant ones. Try things on at home before packing them, just to make sure you're getting the looks you want.

Take Wigs - One bit of a challenge while you're cruising is that sometimes you don't have a lot of time between land excursions and other events the cruise director has planned for you. Unless you have a wash and wear hair style, you definitely won't have time to wash, dry and set your hair. For that reason, consider taking wigs with you. Have you ever worn a wig before? They're designed to be airy and light, so your head won't feel like it's carrying extra weight. Consider getting a short, curly wig for a flirty look. Then select a long, straight one for a sophisticated, sleek look. Take accessories for your wigs, too. For example, a bandana or a colorful scarf tied around your short, curly wig can give it a fun and festive look. If you have decided to wear pearls or other jewelry for an evening event, take a hair broach that matches your jewelry. When you go to the wig store, ask the clerk to help you select wigs that flatter your face. He or she will have the training and the experience to help you select exactly what you want. Also, the clerk will know which wigs travel well.

Don't forget to allow extra space in your suitcase for things you buy in the ports you visit and on the ship. Or bring an extra empty suitcase to fit even more purchases.

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