Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Throw Away Those Jeans This Summer And Wear Dresses – 3 Reasons Why You Should

by Vincent Wallace

If you have always been the type who wears jeans most of the time in the summer, you may be happy to throw the jeans out and start wearing dresses instead. Below are three reasons why you should consider making this change. 


In the past, you may have found dresses made more for an office, or for something formal. If you go shopping today, however, you will find an array of dresses that will fit any lifestyle. One option you will have is maxi dresses, which go to the floor, or midi dresses which fall just right below your knee. Not only will you find maxi and midi dresses, you will find maxi and midi skirts also.

If you are a tall person, you will look perfectly fine in any maxi dress or skirt style. Just because you are petite, it does not mean you cannot wear a maxi, however, you just need to watch out for the designs. Solid colors may look best because they give you a long and continuous line. Vertical stripes may also make you appear to look taller. If you using patterns, choose small repeating patterns. If you use large patterns, they may overwhelm your dress.


If you are out in the heat with jeans on, they will feel like they are sticking to you, and they actually are. This is because air cannot circulate between them and your skin. If you have a dress on, air can circulate very easily and help keep your legs cooler. Maxi dresses can also cover up your legs if you do not like to show them in the summer.

The fabric should be lightweight also, as a heavy fabric will hold in more heat. Natural fibers, cotton, linen, silk, and rayon, will allow air to flow through them instead of getting trapped.

Weight Gain

If you gain just a little weight, your pants can feel tighter and harder to button. A dress or skirt is more forgiving in this department. A little extra weight will not even show through, so you won't have to worry about tummy bulge while you are trying to get back in shape. This is especially true if you wear elastic skirts, and some dresses have elastic in the waist area.

Remember to style your dress with the shoes you like and jewelry to complete your outfit. You will soon find that you will not miss wearing jeans at all during the hot summer months.

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