Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Viva Las Vegas! 5 Tips For The Perfect Elvis Wedding

by Vincent Wallace

Long after Elvis died, his memory continues to live, especially when it comes to weddings. Take one look at Las Vegas, and you know that The King still lives. Elvis and Priscilla Presley were married right in the heart of Las Vegas, and you can too. If you're planning an Elvis themed wedding, you don't have to look for to come up with some great ideas for the perfect day. Here are just a few ways you make your wedding day come alive with the romance of Elvis.

Have Elvis Officiate

You don't have to look far to find an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. Forget about having him sitting with the guests. Make sure that Elvis is front and center at your wedding. You can have Elvis officiate at your wedding. When it's time to say "I do," it will be Elvis who says "You may now kiss the bride."

Incorporate a Movie into Your Plans

If you want to take your Elvis wedding one step further, dive into one of his movies for some decorating ideas. For instance, go for the romance of Blue Hawaii, or the thrill of Viva Las Vegas. With some carefully placed decorations, you'll be living the dream right in the middle of an Elvis movie.

Don't Forget the Blue Suede Shoes

Who can forget those blue suede shoes? Have your groomsmen wear those blue suede shoes. In fact, you can have your bridesmaids wear them too. When it's time to hit the dance floor, you can all dance the night away in the perfect pair of Elvis shoes.

Go For the Glamour of Priscilla

Priscilla Presley was one glamorous 60's bride. Bring that glamour to life in your wedding by having your bridesmaid don long black wigs. If you'd prefer, you can wear the Priscilla wig and add a 3' long tulle veil to complete your wedding ensemble.

Bring On the Peanut Butter and Banana

Elvis was never very far from his favorite meal, and you can add that to your appetizer table. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were among Elvis's favorite foods. Here's a quick recipe to try for yourself. Each sandwich can be cut into four servings.

Ingredients You'll Need

  • Sliced white bread

  • Creamy peanut butter

  • Sliced banana

  • Butter

  • Frying pan


  1. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan.

  2. Place a thick layer of peanut butter on one slice of bread.

  3. Cover the peanut butter with a layer of sliced bananas and place slice of bread in frying pan.

  4. Place second piece of bread on top of sandwich and grill until bottom bread is lightly browned.

  5. Flip sandwich over and brown second side.

  6. Cut into four equal squares.

If you've decided on an Elvis-themed wedding, you want everything to be perfect. These simple idea will get you started towards the wedding of your dreams. For more great ideas, try this out.


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