Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

The Benefits Of Using An Airbrush Tanning Salon

by Vincent Wallace

Summer is in full swing and lots of people are working on their tan by the pool. But if you don't have time to go to the pool or if your tan is just not yet where you want it to be, perhaps you could seek out a little extra help. Here's why you might want to specifically seek out an airbrush tanning salon.

Airbrush or Spray Tanning Is Safer

One of the biggest benefits of going to an airbrush tanning salon or one that specializes in "spray tans" is that your body will get tan without being exposed to UV rays. The UV rays from both the sun and the rays from a traditional tanning bed can actually cause damage to your skin over time. Airbrush or spray tanning uses a substance that is sprayed onto your body and no UV ray exposure occurs. This makes airbrush tans simply the safer option over the long term.

Airbrush Tanning Looks Nice and Even

Have you ever gone to the pool and come back to find out that you are tan on part of your body but not tan on another part that was not exposed as much to the sun? A mix of tan and un-tan body parts is probably not the look you were going for. When you get an airbrush tan, the technician that helps you can ensure you get an even look across your entire body.

Airbrush Tanning is Quick and Easy

You might have to take multiple trips to the pool or lie out in your backyard for multiple days to get the exact hue of tan that you want for your skin. But if you have a big event coming up and you want to look tan immediately, an airbrush tanning salon can help you. You can walk in looking pale and walk out looking like you've been catching rays for days.

Hydrate or Moisturize

Not only does airbrush tanning keep UV rays away from you, the substances used by some salons might actually be good for your skin. Aloe Vera or vitamin E might be included in the mixture and will leave your skin feeling good.

Customize Your Look

Not only can you get an even look across your entire body with a spray tan, you can talk to the technician at the airbrush salon about the exact hue or color you want your skin to be. They will then adjust how much of the tanning solution they are using in order to give you the perfect customized look.

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