Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Yes, You Need Cashmere

by Vincent Wallace

A recent commercial featured a well-known actor bemoaning the rip in his cashmere socks that was caused by his wild, shoeless night on the town. Before you dismiss this issue as a "rich person's problem," you need to try wearing cashmere, even on your feet. Cashmere enhances your comfort and your style.

Look and Feel

Cashmere comes from Kashmir goats, and makes the softest and most wearable wool out there. Because the fabric woven from this wool is relatively thin, designers use it to turn out fashionable items that feel great. Complaints against wool include scratchiness and bulkiness. A regular wool sweater can make you look a little larger, something many people dread. Also, even if your skin cannot take other forms of wool, cashmere may well cause you no problems. 


If you want low-maintenance clothing, cashmere fits the bill. You can throw it in your suitcase and wear it out that evening because it doesn't wrinkle and is "pill-resistant." If you do not know what to pack because of volatile weather conditions at your destination, cashmere is the answer. It keeps you warm in cool weather and vice versa. As a bonus, cashmere items are timeless. They never go out of style, and they can last a lifetime. 


Although you will pay premium prices for 100% cashmere items, they are actually a better deal than many clothing items that you will wear for a season or two. Although you can easily pay between $200 and $500 for one cashmere sweater, you need to remember that you might be wearing that item for decades. You could buy three or four cheaper sweaters for that price, but they will be long forgotten before your cashmere sweater gives out. The same goes for other cashmere items, including cashmere socks (as long as you keep your shoes on outside). It may seem like a silly indulgence for high rollers, but investing in cashmere socks would give your feet day-long comfort. 

If you buy cashmere items, you may have them for the rest of your life and even be able to pass them down to your children. Cashmere clothing is one luxury item that is certainly worth its price. These items are timeless, so you can wear them year after year and still be in style. If you don't want to "spoil" yourself with cashmere, ask for it as a birthday or Christmas present. You deserve to own this wonder wool. Click here for more information about cashmere.   


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