Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

To Clash Sundress Patterns Or Not To Clash, That Is The Question

by Vincent Wallace

Sundresses are a fashion choice that never goes out of style. However, you may be interested in spicing up your style by mixing and matching clashing patterns. Is this wise? Or are you running the risk of committing a fashion faus pax? Read on to find out

Clashing Is High Fashion At The Moment

Right now, the old-fashioned scorn against creating clashing patterns has reversed: a wide variety of fashion icons are now embracing clashing patterns. This applies to all sorts of styles, including sundresses. What is driving this need for excessive clashing?

Eccentricity. Simply put, weirdness and nerdiness are in and there is nothing more desirable than emulating those styles. As a result, there are now fashion firms creating clashing patterns for celebrities like Dakota Fanning, in everything from evening wear to casual sundresses.

But Fashions Go Out Of Style

That said, it's easy to forget that extreme fashion styles (such as heavy contrasts) are often a "here today, gone tomorrow" trend that looks awful silly down the road. Remember the puffed out silliness of "Hammer Pants" or the flower child silliness of the hippies? Those styles looked great at the time, but quickly fell out of fashion due to their extreme nature. That's why it might be better to simply stick with simple and easy sundress pattern clashes.

How To Mix Sundress Patterns Like A Pro

The kind of wild sundress pattern clashes that are popular right now may be a little too tacky to stay popular forever, but you can still do a little careful mixing. There are a few simple rules that you need to consider when trying out different clashing patterns.

Follow these simple rules when creating clashing sundress patterns:

  • Keep your colors simple. Trying to utilize clashing patterns and colors in your sundress fashion is going too far. For example, if you have a green flower sundress, a yellow animal print purse should be enough. It contrasts with the pattern, but compliments with the color. You can also flip the rule by keeping the pattern similar, but contrasting with colors.
  • Utilize pattern accessories, such as socks, gloves, scarfs, or even hairbands to create an engaging style contrast. Don't over do it, though: too many patterned accessories can seem tacky or silly. It's best to use no more than two to three extra accessories.
  • Remember that distance matters. For example, if you're walking around with a purse slung over your shoulder, it should more closely match your sundress. However, hair scrunchies can contrast more heavily with the sundress, as it is further away. That contrast will be more eye-catching.

Now that you better understand clashing summer sundress patterns, get out there and try to create your own unique summer style. The best thing about sundresses is that they can be utilized in just about any situation and look good on just about every woman. Take advantage of that by finding a fashion that works for you. Don't be afraid to rock it!


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