Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

3 Easy Steps To Increasing Your Salon Profits By Selling Your Own Skincare Products

by Vincent Wallace

If you own a beauty salon, then you are likely always looking for ways to increase your profits. One great way to boost your salon earnings is to create your own skincare product line and sell it to customers. You can do this whether you currently offer skincare services or not, because even if you don't offer facials or other skin treatments, everyone who walks through your doors has shown an interest in their appearance, and everyone today wants to have nice skin. If you think you don't have the chemistry knowledge or skills to produce your own line of skincare, then read on, because it may be much easier than you think when you follow these three steps. 

1. Take Note of Your Salon's Demographics

As a salon owner, while you may not ask your clients how old they are, you should have a general idea of what demographic your venue attracts. If many of your clients are in their 30s or older, then good anti-aging skincare products will likely sell well. If your customer base is younger, then you may have many teens coming in who struggle with acne or oily skin. Don't forget to include your male clientele in your assessment, because many men strive to take great care of their skin, too. 

2. Find a Private Label Skincare Manufacturer with Quality Products

While you may have the impression that the other salons selling their own skincare product lines run high-cost labs on the side where they pay top dollar to have cosmetic chemists create their products, the truth is that many of them don't. You can use their secret to begin your own product line, and that secret is that they likely purchase private label skincare customized with their own labels. Private label skin care manufacturers formulate, create, bottle, and even label quality products for salons and small business owners to sell under their own brand names. 

There are many private label skincare manufacturers, so you want to do some research and find one that offers products you truly believe in and can stand behind. When you trust that they will work well, your clients will feel your enthusiasm and trust your opinion as a beauty expert. 

Take those demographic notes and consider choosing the following products that will target the specific skin issues your client's face:

  • Clients age 30+: Beginning at around the age of thirty, women and men often begin to notice the first signs of aging. Products to treat and prevent wrinkles as well as firm sagging skin include vitamin C serums, alpha hydroxy acid toners creams, and retinol creams. These products also tackle pigmentation, but an additional product that contains niacinamide can also be a great pigmentation fighter. 
  • Clients in their teens and 20s: Younger clients typically worry most about acne and blemishes. The great news is that most of the anti-aging products also serve double-duty as acne fighters, but for your younger clients, you will also want to carry a BHA toner that unclogs pores and an acne-clearing solution, such as one that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Clients of all ages need a gentle cleanser, and another skincare product that everyone will love and can help your clients suffering from rosacea is a green tea lotion or cream. 

3. Order a Few of Every Product You Will Offer and Create a Buzz

Once you have a private label skincare manufacturer chosen, you must typically create a business account with them. Then, the company will work with you to design your own custom labels. You can also choose a brand name, but since you want your clients' friends and family members to know where to purchase the products that are working so well for them just by looking at the bottles, you can simply use your salon name as your product brand. Then, order your products and place them on a nice display at the front of your salon where your clients cannot miss these new and exciting products for them. 

Make sure to offer your salon staff a commission that will get them excited to begin raving about the products to their clients, and it is a good idea to hold a meeting to remind them of which products target which skin issues their clients may be facing. Then, be sure to make one bottle of each product a "tester" that they can offer to clients who want to check out the consistency of a product and ensure they do not have any unknown allergies to the ingredients. 

Follow these easy steps to launching your own skincare line in your salon, and when you plan well and create a great buzz in your salon around the new products, you can look forward to great profits. Private label skincare products are sold at wholesale prices, so you can find the price-point you sell them for that will keep them jumping off the shelves in your salon while earning you cash. 


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