Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Beauty Tips for Men and Women

Tips For Cutting Children's Hair That They Didn't Teach You In Hair Cutting Class

by Vincent Wallace

If you are a small business owner running a salon, chances are good that you are also going to be one of the stylists. As a result, you've gone through all of the business training you need in order to ensure that your books are kept in order and that your business does not fold. You have also gone through extensive training as a hair stylist, allowing you to create layers and volume with ease. However, you might be stymied if you are asked to cut a child's hair. This can be frustrating because you don't want to turn away potential customers, but you also don't really want to deal with a child's unpredictability. Here are some tips for cutting children's hair that will make it a breeze.

1. Learn To Cut Hair When the Subject is Looking Down

The first thing that you are going to want to do is get a few practice dummies with hair and tilt their heads down so that they appear to be looking at something in their laps. Then, cut their hair. Try to minimize the amount of time that you need to have the dummies looking straight ahead. This will allow you to ensure that you are able to keep a child calm during his or her haircut because it will ensure that you can work with a child that is playing on a tablet or a smartphone. If you are worried about cutting a child's hair quickly and not having him or her be too squirmy, invest in a tablet with some child-friendly games on it and allow children to play on it while you cut their hair.

2. Be Flexible About Your Location

Some children do not like to leave their mother or father and will not want to sit in your chair. If you can take this issue and roll with it, you can impress the parent and increase the chances that he or she will return to you for another haircut for their child. To deal with a child that won't sit in your chair and only wants to sit on their mom's or dad's lap, cover both the parent and the child with a cloth so that hair doesn't get on their clothing. Ask the child to sit so that his or her side is next to his or her parent's front, allowing you more access to their hair. Finally, prop up a mirror if you think you're going to need it and start clipping. If you have carpeting, have a chair on a mat precisely for this purpose in order to make cleanup easier.

For more information, take specialized hair cutting classes or do an online search for more tips. 



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